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Hydra Mask and Eye Collection

Price CHF195.00

Hydra Mask and Eye Collection 3 Hydra Filler Masks + 3 Instant Eye Radiance Patches BOX  The fine structure of the mask fibers bio-cellulosic (obtained by natural coconut water) provides feeling of second skin, which adheres perfectly to the shape of the face and eyes.  Hydra Filler...

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Instant Eye Radiance Cream

Price CHF240.00

This powerful and complete eye treatment, hydrates and smooths the eye contour thanks to an original naturalcombination of actives.Puffiness and dark-circles are reduced with help from the draining and lightening green micro-algae extract. The Hyalnature Complex hydrates, and helps to smooth and...

Cleansing Glove Fluffy Ultra Soft

Price CHF39.00

The Fluffy makeup remover glove is distinguished by its extreme softness. Unparalleled softness for an even more pleasant make-up removal. First use the Rehydrating Cleansing Milk and then cleanse well with the wet glove. They are reusable, machine washable, lasting for 2 years.

Discovery Glove Pack

Price CHF90.00

Discovery is the best way to experience the variety of makeup remover gloves. The extreme softness of the Fluffy glove, the practical and versatile side of the small glove, the ergonomics of the large glove. Whatever glove is used, its effectiveness is guaranteed in deeply removing impurities...


Price CHF7,000.00

Named by Forbes Magazine as of the the most luxurious gift, our 3-month subscription offer with a gift card is now available at the BmediC Clinic in Lausanne. Following a full skin analysis to measure hydration, lipids and elasticity, clients are prescribed a completely customized luxury...


Price CHF440.00

1 x Body Exfoliating Perfect Skin 1 x Nutrivital Body Fluid 1 x Scented Candle (Offered) Discover our new 3 in 1 body peeling, the Body Exfoliating Perfect Skin. Suitable for all skin types, event the most sensitive, it removes impurities, stimulates cell regeneration and softens the skin....

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Price CHF920.00

1 x Repair Green Caviar 50 ML 1 x Black Pearl Face Peeling 50 ML 1 x Scented Candle (Offered) Discover our new skin exfoliating gesture with the Black Pearl Face Peeling. This face scrub, in form of black pearls applied by pressure on the skin, removes dead cells, refines and smooths the skin...

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Black Pearl Face Peeling

Price CHF240.00

The Black Pearl Face Peeling offers a new exfoliating gesture. Its innovative visual form comes from a marine and vegetal formulation which is in perfect harmony with the skin. Free from its impurities, the skin glows. The skin is perfectly exfoliated and regains its freshness Without rinsing,...


Price CHF840.00

1x 30mL Lifting Collagen Booster And   1x 50mL intense lift collagen cream

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Body Exfoliating Perfect Skin

Price CHF280.00

The Polyphenol contained in the Chardonay grape has anti-aging properties. This exfoliating treatment leaves the skin young and radiant.

Hydra Kit

Price CHF780.00

Our Hydra Filler Mask deeply hydrates the skin, bringing glow and suppleness. The Hyaluronic acid and collagen reinforced with aloe vera restructure the cells and fight the signs of aging. Combined with our Plumplift Activator serum, your skin feels instantly hydrated and fine lines appear...

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