Hyper-pigmented Skin

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Rehydrating Cleansing Milk

Price CHF130.00

1x 150mL Rehydrating Cleansing Milk This Rehydrating Cleansing Milk is enriched with essential oils and rose flower water for a cleansing and toning action. Ideal for those seeking a uniform, more hydrated complexion. Main Ingredients: Sweet orange, bergamot, rosa Damascena water.

Floral Anti-Aging Toner

Price CHF130.00

1x 200mL Floral Anti-Aging Toner This Floral Anti-Aging Toner, rich in plant extracts, calms, softens and refreshes your skin. Main Ingredients: Damascus rose, geranium, lavender.

Instant Eye Radiance Patch

Price CHF230.00

10x Instant Eye Radiance Patch These patches are made of natural biocellulose acting as a second skin. Double action on puffiness and dark circles. Due to Hamamelis extract, the eye contour is decongested and soothed. Fucogel® has powerful action in improving skin elasticity and firmness. Main...

Brightening Anti Spot Mask

Price CHF230.00

1x 50mL Brightening Anti Spot Mask The ideal mask to intensely renew the skin. Reduces imperfections, dull complexion and decreases the appearance of wrinkles. Astringent and purifying for an instant radiance boost with glycolic acid enzymes to improve skin texture and unify the complexion....

Brightening Anti Spot Cream

Price CHF350.00

1 x 50mL Brightening Anti Spot Cream Helps to reduce wrinkles and the appearance of blemishes while renewing the upper layers of the skin. Skin texture is refined, becoming visibly clearer, smoother and renewed.  Main Ingredients: Glycolic acid, vitamin C derivative, lactic acid.

Hyper pigmented Skin Solution

Price CHF1,060.00

Benefit from a 15% reduction when you purchase the entire package. Special Price: CHF 1063 Initial Price: CHF 1223 A Full package treatment recommended to treat Hyper pigmented Skin. Knowing your skin type can help you find the best skincare routine. The experts at Dr Burgener Switzerland...

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