Scented Candle (Olive Wood) in favour of "No Difference" association

This hand-made candle is a unique creation. Dr Burgener Switzerland supports through this candle humanitarian projects around the world. The profits generated by this candle will be donated to the selected association "No Difference".



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There is one light that brings joy to people’s lives, especially to the life of a disabled person, the light of hope. The hope of living a life by surpassing oneself, and being able to do what everyone does, despite being different. This is called going beyond the impossible. This requires living with courage, but with your help we can make it possible. Help us transform this flame into a fire protecting the No Difference Association team, creating together the hope that will accompany them during the Spartan Race Trifecta World Championship, Sparta.Our team has the particularity of carrying people with disabilities in the most demanding and extreme sporting challenges.

A mind filled with hope beats any handicap.

The profits from this candle will be donated to the No Difference association.

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