Detox Collection



We have selected an exclusive combination of skin care products and nutritional supplements that will best boost your natural immunity:

1 x Bamboo Clarifying Exfoliating Face Scrub

1 x L’Or des Vignes Face Serum

1 x L’Or des Vignes Body Massage Oil

1 x Nourishing Black Soap Body Peeling + Kassa Glove



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During this period where we need to boost our natural immunity at its highest levelwe have created this cure to detoxify your body and boost its immunity. Treat both face and body.


          1- Clean first your face twice per week with our BAMBOO CLARIFYING EXFOLIATING FACE SCRUB, removing dead cells and purifying the skin. Apply while massaging on a daily basis before the cream the OR DES VIGNES FACE SERUMa real Youth Elixir, that associates grape seeds oil and the Swiss Alpine Rose extract, bringing the antioxidant ingredients for your skin to create a defense against the aggression from free radicals and to repair the signs of aging

          2-Your body deserves also your highest attention. Purify it deeply from all its impurities once per week with the hand-made Kassa glove and the NOURISHING BLACK SOAP BODY PEELING made of 100% pure olive oil with a strong antioxidant action on the skin. Finally, massage all your body with the OR DES VIGNES BODY MASSAGE OIL, a powerful antioxidant based on vegetable oils of grape seeds from Lavaux region, apricot kernels and almonds combined with essential oils purifying for your body.

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